Lab Updates

May 6th, 2019 - Today is the first day of the summer CI & UR program. Over the summer, Alexis will be researching the effects that the optical tweezer has on the growth of dendrites. She will present her research on August 20th at the Summer CI & UR showcase in the Watt Family Innovation Center.

Awards and Presentations

NCUR Conference at Kennesaw State University - This year, our CI attended and presented our research at the NCUR conference from April 10th to 13th. During the conference, we visited a graduate school fair, a career fair, and multiple poster presentations from other undergraduate students from across the country.

Clemson Biological Sciences Annual Student Symposium - We presented our research at the 11th Annual Student Symposium for Biological Sciences on April 6th.

Focus on Creative Inquiry - On April 2nd, we presented our research at the 14th Annual Focus on Creative Inquiry poster forum.