Neuronal circuitry creative inquiry

The purpose of this Creative Inquiry project is to plate neuronal cells onto a microelectrode array to make a neuronal circuit and to measure the responses of the neurons using the optical tweezer. This is achieved by using the optical tweezer to manipulate the growth of the dendrites on the microelectrode array.

For details, see the Neuronal Circuitry CI's web page.

Trypanosome Biophysics

The focus of this Creative Inquiry project is to study the biophysics of Trypanosoma brucei for the purpose of understanding the molecular mechanism of the flagella in order to develop treatments for kinetoplastid diseases. The kinetoplastid T. brucei was selected due to the unique wave the flagella exhibits, which propagates from tip-to-base rather than base-to-tip, as observed in other eukaryotes. Our hypothesis is that this movement is due to the coordination mechanism of axonemal dynein motor proteins. We are studying this through the knockdown and tagging of the axonemal dynein.

In order to more thoroughly complete in-depth research, we have divided the project into three subcategories:

  1. RNA Knockdown
  2. Fluorescent Imaging
  3. Biophysical Analysis/Scale-Up
  4. Post Translational Modifications of Tubulin

For details, see the Trypanosome Biophysics CI's web page.